Hurrah, Hurrah

by Oz Davidson

at first light they marched
armies mobilized
doubled in number since last year’s assault
driven mad by the heat and the deafening bass of slow passing lowriders
they made their bold assault on patio doors and window cracks


a never ending current of thorax, gaster, antennae
they took no prisoners
every last potato chip shard or half sucked cough drop
the trash piled high, exposed and vulnerable
the river raged
under coffee tables
alongside the trim of the wall
onward, upward, in the name of progress
for the good of the colony

their blitzkrieg went on unchallenged, that is
until apocalypse whirred to life
the dual cyclonic m110002 dirt devil
i eased it over their tiny phalanx
and the arthropod current bucked and swirled
as the vortex plucked them from the carpet into dusty oblivion
one by one

days of ant years ticked past
and some months later I went to empty the vacuum bag
and peered inside
to find they had a forged a new world
from dust and crumb
beautiful hanging gardens and aqueducts
these ants lived green, too
without a queen their society had mutated
there’s was a malickian world
of slow motion magic hour harmony
void of hierarchy
each ant did his part
in service of the next ant
the larva didn’t even fight amongst themselves
my god
it was beautiful

they stopped mid stride at the first flash of natural light in ant decades
and looked up at me
at an unflattering angle that emphasized my double chin
they gazed skyward at my face
young destroyer of old
and they shook their heads in pity
no all heads bowed
all knees bent
no rapture to speak of
they went back to their remaining twenty eight seconds of harmony
with spiteful resolution
understanding clearly that cataclysm was a book-lung breathe away
knowing that no record of the beauty they’d achieved would survive
and simply not giving a damn.


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