What is Creativity?

by Christopher R. J. Worth

Creativity. I often ask myself what is the catalyst for any kind of painting as one of Alice Neel’s (A famous painter) sons said, “why does one make an image of anything?” That’s what I’ve been juggling in my head for the past week. what is creativity?

I see it, at it’s core, as an internal drive. This drive finds body in mediums such as writing, painting, drawing, and most importantly, abstract thought.

The new foundry of American ingenuity cannot be found on the factory floor; it exists within the mind the engine being the drive I describe above, within the question “Where does the world end and the mind begin?” That’s my quest as an artist, to help define the point where the reality of thoughts and physical world collide.

I don’t just see West Virginia as my zip code or street address. I see it as a piece of artwork. Artwork is always in process, and by my labeling it as artwork, it is at it’s core purely a creative impulse. West Virginia is a thought for me, not a physical place. The question is, “Why does one make anything?”

In my mind, one makes something to improve upon something else. The writer writes to illuminate ideas; the builder builds a bridge not just to get across the river, but to express physical beauty in that process. And that’s why we make things. we make things because, the making is the embodiment of a cognitive language that every human has access to.

In the end, if what I say is true, and for what it’s worth I certainly believe it, then if you believe something has value, then it has value. if you believe that it can do no right thing, then it will do only wrong things.


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