Five Questions

Questions by Ben Thacker. Answers by Lusher.

Q : What is your favorite piece of art or photo that you have taken to date?

A : It always changes but I’ll take the musician bullshit route when they release a new album and say the latest thing I’ve done.  It’s the gum and cigarette collage.  I’ve seen it hypnotize a few people and it was a bitch to make though I had help.  My art stuff is usually not very specific or technical but with this one I had a clear idea and executed it to my own selfish satisfaction.

Q : Favorite song today…01/03/2010?

A : Jay Z  “On to the Next One.”   I have been listening to Peggy Honeywells  “Faint Humms” all week and it was having a negative impact on my emotional state so I had to go in the total opposite direction.  It was Honeywell and beer now it’s Jay Z and wine and I feel not so suicidal.

Q : How many cigarettes will you smoke today?

A : Depends on how much wine I end up drinking but to be safe lets go with a nice, round number like too many.

Q : Plans /  Objectives for the next six months?

A : Love is coming and so will I, finally, without the aid of my left hand.  Long time coming.  Pun intended.  “The Lineup” coffee table book is totally gonna happen.  Hoping we can get our bar/boutique thing off the ground at some point.  Going on skate trips so you guys will have someone to make you look good.  Being a good dude in general unless you are a drunk, obnoxious asshole and then I’ll be all not a good dude.  Slow down my burgeoning clothing fetish.  Keep trying to develop a community through creativity.  Always.

Q :  What do you want to accomplish in five – ten years?    Give a  glimpse into your crystal ball.

A : To be with the person I love in a nice, cozy little home with a few screaming babies running around.  Making a living doing this thing we do from where we do it.


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