Five Questions

Questions by Lusher.  Answers by Ben Thacker.

Q : When in the fuck are you gonna finish this album you’ve been promoting since before I was born?

A : Not sure.  Once the clouds separate and tell me to be done,  I’ll be done.  As you know I’m a perfectionist, which is where the name, Bengineer came from.  I’m always tweaking some sounds or melodies which lead to more mixing and recording.   In addition to that, life happens and it usually consumes a lot of my time and energy.  Short attention span doesn’t help either.  I hope to finish this month and then release times are long and drawn out, but I’ll make everything available at and any other resource I have.
Q : Are you aware that taking on more dog responsibility is really your inner Dad preparing you for children?  How do you feel about that?
A : Yes I am, and I hope our kids don’t run as fast or as far as our new dog, Dillinger.  I told my wife the other day that I noticed our friends and family with children have transformed into a better people.  I guess I ready to be a better man.  I am, however apprehensive of the toll it takes on a relationship, even one as good as my wife and I have.

Q : Explain to someone who doesn’t like scotch why you do.  What was the impetus of your scotch consumption?
A : This is a hard one.  Its an acquired taste.  Its like that first taste of beer or hard liquor when you nearly choke on the burn or bad taste.  You get through that to get more liquored up.  I guess I just wanted more liquored up and scotch was better than anything else.  Through my travels and jobs in restaurants and ski resorts, I began tasting some of the better single-malt scotches and really began to love them.

Q : Do you think having to wear 3D glasses in a movie is cheating?  Like a hamburger that you like but don’t love until someone shoots you full of the ‘i love this hamburger more than life’ drug and then you love it?

A : Yes and no.  Times change and so should a our focus on the visuals.  Cheating, but so damn cool to look at.  I actually hate that which someone “shoots you full of.’  Regardless, keep your opinion in your mouth with that hamburger, metaphorically speaking.
Q : Who was the worst artist of 2009 and why?

A : Audio or Visual?  I’ll give you both cause I love nothing more than critiquing.

Audio –  Black Eyed Peas – cause outer space pophop/r&b ain’t my bag baby.
Visual – Anything from an artist that thinks they’re great.  I don’t look at visual arts on a level of bad or good cause that is my opinion based on my visual preferences.  Nothing can be proven, without the use of opinion that it is in fact a bad piece of art.  Anyways that’s what my Mom told me about my art.   “One man’s trash is another man’s gold”.  Which brings us full circle on question 4.  I should quit on that note.
For Love.  For Life.
Forever Foreign.

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